Wildheart Platinum Print by Tim Layton @ TimLaytonWildhorses.com


Tim Layton Photographing Wild Horses @ TimLaytonWildHorses.com

WIldheart is a boss mare in one of the little known herds in Missouri located deep in the Ozark Mountains.

For the last 100 years, herds of wild horses has been roaming the ancient and rugged landscape in Shannon County, Missouri near a small town nestled in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.

I followed Wildheart around for three years, patiently watching her interact with her stallion, foals, and the other members of her herd.  I take very specific notes on each horse, so I know most of the horses very well. 

On a cold winter day in 2020, I saw Wildheart walking towards me after I spent hours trying to find the herd.

I got low on the cold ground and I patiently waited for her to get closer. All of the sudden she put her head down low and started running toward another mare in the herd that she has been sparring with all day.  Normally you will only see a stallion do a “snaking motion” with his head down low. Today was the first time in five years, I have ever seen a mare do this.

During the breeding season, a stallion will aggressively prevent his mares from leaving the herd by driving them back when they stray. The lead stallion will lay his ears back and twist his head side to side while low to the ground. This is known as the “snaking” motion.

When I saw Wildheart doing the snaking motion, I had to double check to make sure I hadn’t confused her with a stallion. I have never seen a mare do this since that special day and possibly this may be the only time I ever see this again.

Wildheart is the ultimate symbol of freedom and truth and these are reminders that I value and appreciate about her.  She is a strong member of her family and I have watched her lovingly nurse and care for her foals and I have seen her charge and bite other members of the herd when she needed to hand out some corrective advice.  Last year I watched her run a deer away from the herd at full speed. I hope you enjoy this handmade platinum print as much as I loved creating it for you. 


Tim Layton creates heirloom-quality wild horse platinum artwork for collectors and horse lovers around the world.  Platinum is well known to fine art collectors for it’s unique beauty, rarity, archival permanence, and one-of-a-kind statement.  

When platinum artwork is processed correctly to museum archival standards and paired with the world’s best cotton rag paper, a truly archival piece of art is created.  

“Wildheart” is available as a limited edition piece of platinum artwork, ready to be framed, in the following sizes: 

  • 30″x40″ (24×34 print mounted in 30×40 window mat) #WHP6000-40
  • 20″x24″ (16×20 print mounted in 20×24 window mat) #WHP800-24
  • 16″x20″ (11×14 print mounted in 16×20 window mat) #WHP800-20
  • 11″x14″ (8×10 print mounted in 11×14 window mat) #WHP800-14

The artwork is float mounted on acid-free museum quality mounting board and a custom window mat is cut and hinge mounted to the mounting board. The limited edition artwork is titled, signed, and editioned by Tim Layton on the back of the print, the lower right window mat, and on back of the mounting board.

The platinum chemical composition along with the relative humidity, temperature, developer used, and the date and time when the print was created is hand written in pencil on the artwork by Tim Layton. This information is embedded into the fibers of the cotton rag paper and chemically processed ensuring this information becomes part of the original artwork.

  • Price: Contact Tim Layton directly to arrange purchase and shipping.
  • Edition: 1/1 for each size (30×40, 20×24, 16×20, 11×14)
  • Mounting: Float mounted on acid free museum quality mounting board with hinged overmat
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Yes
  • Fine Art Guide: I include a collectors fine art guide for print care and handling with every piece of artwork that I sell to collectors.
  • ** Frame for display purposes only (not included)