Ice Princess - Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Wild Horse Print by Tim Layton

Ice Princess

Analog Silver Gelatin B&W Limited Edition Fine Art

Wild Horses are My Canvas and The Darkroom is My Paintbrush

Ice Princess Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Wild Horse Fine Art Print by Tim Layton

Tim Layton’s silver gelatin black and white artwork are created using classic analog large format film.  Tim creates his wild horse fine art prints in his custom built darkroom using the finest materials available.  He follows proven time-tested museum archival standards to ensure your artwork will last a lifetime. 

Each piece of artwork is a limited edition of 100 and available in the following sizes: 11″x14″, 16″x20″, 20″x24″, 28″x32″, 30″x40″, 40″x60″. 

Tim’s love of wild horses is seen in his exceptional attention to detail as each piece of artwork is hand made by him personally.  Tim’s style is as seductive and ethereal as the wild horses that he photographs.

No part of Tim’s process is outsourced, so when you receive your new artwork, you know Tim’s hands were involved in every step of the process from being in the field with the wild horses to signing your artwork.


Doing our part to help raise awareness of the challenges and issues facing wild horses in America, my son and I make handmade silver gelatin wild horse B&W fine art prints one at a time in our darkroom. We believe people protect what they love and our hope is that we can get everyday people to fall in love with wild horses across America.


Each artwork is titled, signed, and numbered for the edition and includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

The artwork is mounted on white museum quality acid free board and a custom window mat is cut for your new artwork.  Your new wild horse fine art print is carefully packaged and it comes ready to be installed in your frame and displayed in your home or office.

If you would like your custom framer to mount and mat your artwork with your personal choice of colors and materials, please let us know when you place your order and we can ship the individual piece of art for you.

11″x14″ Artwork
  • Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Limited Edition of 100
16″x20″ Artwork
  • Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Limited Edition of 100
20″x24″ Artwork
  • Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Limited Edition of 100
28″x32″ Artwork
  • Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Limited Edition of 100
30″x40″ Artwork
  • Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Limited Edition of 100
40″x60″ Artwork
  • Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art Limited Edition of 100


When You Purchase a Tim Layton Wild Horse Print,

You Bring Beauty To Your Home or Office, 

And You’ll Be Helping Protect Wild Horses

With every piece of artwork sold, I make a donation to the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC). 

AWHC is a nonprofit organization fighting to ensure the future of America’s iconic wild horses. 

AWHC works tirelessly to reform the cruel and costly federal wild horse roundup program and replace it with humane management that keeps wild horses wild, protected, and free. AWHC manages the largest, humane fertility control for wild, free-roaming horses in the world.


Ice Princess Wild Horse Handmade B&W Silver Gelatin Fine Art by Tim Layton

Purchasing artwork is a personal experience and I take a lot of pride in creating high-quality artwork that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

The longevity of analog handmade silver-gelatin-based prints depends on the photographic medium itself, the chemical processing, and the subsequent storing and display conditions. Tim carefully creates your new wild horse artwork following time-proven museum archival standards to ensure your new artwork will last a lifetime.

Black-and-white analog materials have a number of advantages over modern digital/ink-jet media.

Learn how Tim Layton’s Wild Horse Handmade Fine Art silver gelatin prints are made in the darkroom one at a time by hand.

Based on history, we know that properly processed and stored black-and-white photographic prints have a life expectancy of at least 150 years and under optimum conditions, experts believe the artwork could exceed several hundreds of years before showing any significant signs of deterioration.

All of my limited edition wild horse fine art analog silver gelatin prints are created with world-class materials and I follow time-proven very strict archival standards to ensure your artwork will last a lifetime.

I take the permanence of your new artwork very seriously and that is why I personally execute every step of the process myself and do not outsource any aspect of my workflow.

Silver gelatin prints have been around since the 19th century and they are the only type of fine art print that has this proven record of archival permanence. All other claims are of permanence are simply claims with no way of proving them.

When it comes to museum quality and conservation, fiber-based silver gelatin prints are the only type of prints recognized as archival by professional curators and museums. The fiber paper and mounting materials that I use for my limited edition prints are guaranteed to be acid and lignin-free and without optical brightening agents.

Achieving museum-quality standards is much more than just using the right photographic paper.

I follow the same time-proven processing and archival methods as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston to ensure each limited edition print meets this very strict criterion.

Your new print is mounted on a 100% cotton, acid, and lignin-free mounting board with a window mat that is hinge-taped using archival linen tape. I title, date, and sign the window mat to complete your artwork. It is ready to display when you receive it.

To help resist environmental hazards associated with displaying your new artwork, a UV protective glass or plexiglass glazing should be used, often referred to as museum glass. If you are unsure, consult your local professional frame shop or contact me and I am happy to help.

If you choose to store your prints versus displaying them, maintaining relative humidity between 30% and 50% is advisable and room temperature should not exceed 85F/29C.

I certify all of my limited edition fine art prints are masterfully handmade by me in my darkroom and no part of the process is outsourced to any other party.