Tim Layton Photographing Wild Horses @ TimLaytonWildHorses.com

Hi, I’m Tim Layton

In a world drowning in digital technology, being able to touch peoples hearts and souls with the purity and honesty of wild horses is a unique opportunity to do something good in the world.

I believe that all people are hard wired to pursue truth and freedom. Wild horses live a life that people dream about. They are free, live in a tight knit community, and everyone has an important role.

Wild horses help us connect with the deepest and most meaningful areas of our hearts. I am on a mission to share the truth, honesty, and freedom of wild horses.

Wild horses have no voice and they are counting on us to protect them from unnecessary danger and help keep them free.

Free Wild Horse Journal by Tim Layton @ TimLaytonWildHorses.com


You may already know that I create one-of-a-kind platinum and palladium wild horse artwork, but did you know that I have a higher purpose?

Using my creative talents for good, I’m on a mission to raise awareness about unnatural threats and inhumane practices that are happening every day to innocent wild horses.

By sharing the innocence, truth, and natural beauty of wild horses, I hope to inspire people from all walks of life to take action. 

Free Wild Horse Journal by Tim Layton @ TimLaytonWildHorses.com