A Magical Morning in the Fog With the Wild Horses of Missouri Broadfoot Herd

It was a magical morning with the Wild Horses of Missouri Broadfoot herd today.  I got out to the Broadfoot area before sunrise and the valley was completely covered in a blanket of fog.  

I patiently waited for the light and suddenly the herd appeared.  I could barely make them out because the fog was so heavy, but I could hear and smell them from the woods where I was located.  

I got to see the three new foals today and that is always a joy.  There are a total of 15 in the Broadfoot herd as of today, counting the three new foals.  

The real magic today was I got to watch the stallion court one of his mares at sunrise and I got several great photos as well some some incredible 4K video footage of the event too.  You will see a few of those photos in the section below. 

I will share additional photos from today and the 4K video in the near future after I get the editing completed. 

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