5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Helmet When Riding Your Horse

Anyone knows that it isn’t if you will fall, but “when” you will fall when riding horses. The more you ride, the higher your chances of falling.

Piloting a half-ton animal sitting 5 feet off the ground does come with some inherent risks that shouldn’t be downplayed or overlooked.

Did you know that per hour of exposure, horseback riding has a higher injury rate than so-called extreme activities such as downhill ski racing, hang gliding, and riding motorcycles?

Of the injuries reported by equestrians, head injuries are the most common type, as well as the leading cause of death in horse-related accidents.

5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Helmet

1 – Head injuries are associated with nearly 60 percent of all equestrian deaths.

2 – Thirteen percent or equestrians will end up in the hospital at some point. This is based on only riding six times per year. This sobering statistic has nothing to do with the level of experience of the rider.

3 – Seven million people in the USA ride horses each year and about 70,000 will end up in the emergency room for a horse related injury. Head injuries account for about 18% of these emergency room visits.

4 – Head injury statistics aren’t just for novice riders. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your experience will help you avoid from being injured.

5 – You can’t fix a broken brain, so be sure to wear a helmet.

The bottom line, when choosing a helmet, make sure it is ASTM/SEI certified.

According to the American Medical Equestrian Association, ASTM/SEI-certified helmets reduce horse-related head injuries by 30 percent and severe head injuries by 50 percent.

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